Flat Fancoil Filters with synthetic matting CF-FC - Ariafil
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Fancoil filters – synthetic

Fancoil filters – synthetic

Flat filters with synthetic matting

General information:

Filtration class:
Coarse 40%Coarse 50%Coarse 60%
Mesh Guards:
Electro-welded galvanised
Filtration Media:
Synthetic matting
Technical specifications:

Fire Resistance:
F1 - DIN. 53438
Recommended Final Pressure Drop:
250 Pa
Temperature resistance:

Version available with Aisi 304 stainless steel mesh and frame

On request

Sizes, thicknesses and materials are available as needed
Filter maintenance:

Blow and/or vacuum impurities frequently to improve air quality and machinery operation.

We do not recommend washing our products.

If possible, sanitise the filters with commercially available bactericide spray.

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