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Andreae folding cardboard filters

Andreae folding cardboard filters

Andreae® folded cardboard inertia filters are designed for paint booths. Formed by two layers of perforated cardboard, the filters use the principle of inertial separation whereby paint particles (being heavier than air) are deposited in the filter containment bags, ensuring excellent accumulation capacity. They are used to reduced paint overspray in dry paint booths and in spray painting systems.

Composition: Double layer perforated Kraft paper, folded and glued
Maximum operating temperature: 180 °C
Gravimetric arrestance: 91–98.1%
Recommended crossing speed: 0.75 m/s
Dust accumulation capacity: 3000–18,000 g/m²
Recommended number of folds per meter: 26

Fire resistance:

  • Fire-retardant version F1 DIN53438 F1
  • Standard version F3 DIN53438

Washable: no

Dimensions: 0.9 metres x 9.20 ml

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